Clean Eating and Cycling: Is There a Benefit?

Written by: Laura Garcia Active women are always looking for the next great diet or lifestyle modification that might be the magic bullet to improving their overall health, cycling performance, and quality of life. Cue the clean eating advocates who swear that their plan will be the answer to all your problems. But is it? […]

What To Eat Before a Bike Ride

Because pedals up usually mean an early start, it is so important to make time for your pre-ride fuel. So many women find that they are just not hungry in the morning. They grab a coffee and dash out to meet the group.  Now I am known to love my sleep and refuse to sacrifice […]

The Evolution of Women’s Cycling Nutrition

I always thought of myself as a gym rat. Training hard to get stronger, maintain my health, flexibility, and mobility. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered myself a cyclist. Sure, I took the random spin class here and there, yet to be completely honest, I kind of hated it. So how did […]